Dragon Ball Super Episode 127 Review/Recap: Android 17, Goku and Vegeta vs Jiren

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Last week of Dragon Ball Super was really exciting mainly because Vegeta used all of his power to finally eliminate Universe 11's Toppo. This week though, the good guys have one opponent left and it's the mighty Jiren.

This week's episode of Dragon Ball Super starts off with a bang as Jiren faces off against Vegeta, Goku and Android 17 in a 3-on-1 handicap fight. Jiren finally unleashes his true power and his aura glows with fire.

The first action sequence is fast and exciting and is one of the best fights of the entire tournament. It's great to see the four fighters giving it their all and holding nothing back.

Despite Vegeta being in his new Super Saiyan Blue form and Goku also being a Super Saiyan Blue, Jiren is able to push the two Saiyans back.

They might be strong enough to stop Toppo, but Jiren is on another level beyond both of them at the moment.

Before Jiren can advance on Goku and Vegeta, Android 17 does a huge explosion that manages to battle scar Jiren just a little bit. If Jiren is unguarded, there might be a way to beat him.

Anyway, it's amazing to me that Goku and Vegeta still have a lot of stamina left. They can still power up to their most powerful forms despite getting hit lots of times by Jiren.

Android 17 is also not 100 percent after using his own explosion technique. It will take the three of them to try and take down Jiren once and for all.

Around the 10 minute mark, things get really exciting as the fight picks up again.

Goku does a Kamehameha, Vegeta does a Final Flash and Android 17 does his own powerful Ki blast and they shoot at Jiren all at the same time.

Even though the trio attack Jiren with their most powerful Ki blasts, Jiren is still able to deflect their onslaught. Goku and Vegeta fall back down to their base forms while Android 17 is out for the count too.

Jiren is confident, until a returning Frieza comes back into the mix. I was wondering where he was, and it looks like Frieza is wanting revenge since Jiren made him look like a punk in the previous episodes.

Frieza turns to his Golden form and aims to kill Jiren for embarrassing him. Unfortunately for Frieza, Jiren punks him out yet again and punches him hard.

Frieza is knocked out, but he's still in the Tournament of Power. Frieza has been lucky enough to always land on a piece of rubble.

The only person in Universe 7 that still has some energy is Android 17. This is mainly because androids do not run out of energy like organic beings do.

The episode takes a mini break from fighting as Android 17 discusses what he wants to wish with the Super Dragon Balls. Android 17 just wants to take his family out for a cruise.

As for Jiren, we get to know his backstory and it's a tragic one like Batman. Pretty much this evil powerful being kills Jiren's parents when he was only a kid.

A man saves him and becomes Jiren's mentor and teacher. Due to the tragic event, Jiren wants to become really strong to kill the evil being that took the life of his parents.

However, fighting the evil being is easier said than done. Despite getting lots of companions, Jiren's teacher and many of his friends die in the battle.

We never get an answer to Jiren's wish, but it sounds like he wants to erase the past or something of that nature. We don't even know if he eventually managed to kill that evil being too.

Jiren wants to end the tournament once and for all and blasts a huge ball of fire that will eliminate Android 17, Goku and Vegeta all in one go.

However, Android 17 saves the day to deflect Jiren's attack and protect Goku and Vegeta.

What follows next is one of the saddest yet powerful moments in Dragon Ball Super history. Android 17 sacrifices himself and blows himself up to protect the remaining members of Universe 7.

Android 17 needed to explode himself in order to negate Jiren's attack. If he didn't, everyone would have been eliminated right then and there.

Jiren is not disqualified mainly because Android 17 chose to kill himself. Everyone including Android 18 is saddened by the loss of 17, although it was necessary in order to keep the Universe 7 team alive for one last hurrah.

At the end of the episode, we see that only "three minutes" (more like three episodes) are left with Vegeta the only one still physically standing. The odds don't look good as Jiren does not appear to look very tired.

Next week's summary is kind of a spoiler, so avoid watching it if you don't want to know what happens. For some reason, Toei Animation gave away what happens in the actual title for episode 128!

Anyway, episode 127 of Dragon Ball Super is without a doubt one of my favorite episodes all season long. It could even be in my top five episodes of Dragon Ball Super history.

That said, it's looking like the end of the tournament might be predictable with who's left in the tournament. I'm still hoping something unpredictable happens, although it's not looking like that will happen...

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