'Sister Wives' TLC Season 8 Episode 7: Mariah Drops a Huge Bombshell

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On tonight's episode of TLC's Sister Wives, we learn more about how the family plans to approach Meri's catfishing incident. The episode begins with Meri talking about how it's important not to call herself a victim because she doesn't want to give the perpetrator that much power.

In order to gain a sense of closure over the episode, Meri's plan is to meet with Cheryl, another woman who was catfished by the same perpetrator.

Cheryl and another woman had reached out to Meri when she was chatting with her catfisher on social media publicly.

Cheryl attempted to warn Meri about her catfisher and with her help, Meri was able to figure out that she was being lied to.

We learn more about how Meri was duped by her catfisher. Meri had set up a meeting with her catfisher, Sam, who had also pretended to be a strong female character, Lindsey.

Although Meri met "Lindsey" she realized that she was getting texts from Sam whenever Lindsey stepped out. Meri has a chance to discuss the experience of being catfished with Cheryl, which helps her come to term with the incident.

Meanwhile, with Mykelti getting married there's a lot of preparations that will be going into the event. Everyone will be helping out with all the preparations, including flower arrangements.

Meri also sets up a therapy session with someone who specializes in seeing patients who have been catfished. Meri explains her circumstances at the time - she had gone through a legal divorce in order to "restructure" the family. It turns out that Cheryl had also been an empty nester when she was catfished.

Meri reflects on how the incident affected her family. She and Kody are still working through their relationship.

Mariah, Meri's daughter, is still coping with the aftermath as well. The sister wives were all shocked that Meri could become so isolated from them that she wouldn't want to confide in them.

Tony and Mykelti get their photos taken together before the wedding. Tony invites Christine and the rest of her daughters to the photo shoot as well. It's clear to everyone that Tony and Mykelti have chemistry.

In spending the day with Cheryl, Meri has a chance to go over some of the details of how she was duped by her catfisher. She and Cheryl bond over the shared experience.

Once Meri gets back to Las Vegas, she speaks with her therapist and Kody about her trip to Atlanta. Meri feels she's come to terms with her catfishing experience.

Kody realizes from hearing Meri talk that she really benefited from the trip and Cheryl was a support group member of sorts.

Kody and Meri both feel that the entire experience with catfishing has served to revive their relationship in some ways.

They talk about how being in a plural marriage did at times keep them from confronting the issues that troubled their marriage.

At the end of the episode, Mariah returns home and has an announcement for everyone. It turns out she is gay.

So what happens next?

We'll find out next time!

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