Explosive New Venom Trailer Seeps Out

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Sony Pictures has now released another new trailer for Venom and the movie is looking better as more footage of the title character has been shared.

The one worry from fans recently concerns the amount of screentime Venom will have. This is because Venom barely was in 10 minutes in his film debut back in Spider-Man 3.

Thankfully in this new trailer, Venom gets a lot of additional footage and it looks like the character will get more than just 10 minutes of screentime.

That said, Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock will still have a lot of the limelight at the beginning of the movie.

Well in the new trailer, we also find out that Venom is not the only symbiote that is in the movie.

This is because Riz Ahmed's character will also don a symbiote to fight Venom in the climactic battle. It's symbiote vs symbiote for the first time ever in a live action movie setting.

Riz Ahmed is not playing Carnage, but there could be teases that Carnage could appear in the potential sequel.

Sony is laying some Easter Eggs in the movie so a sequel could happen if Venom makes a lot of money at the Box Office later this year.

There's a chance the movie could earn lots of money as the previous trailer before this one is Sony's most watched movie trailer on YouTube. This new trailer is also earning millions of views.

Anyway, Venom will be released in North America on October 5th, 2018. You can check out the new trailer posted below.

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