Brock Lesnar Is No Longer With The WWE

Brock Lesnar has been working for the WWE on a part time basis ever since he returned to the wrestling company back in 2012. Well now it looks like he's a free agent again.

Mike Johnson of is reporting that Brock Lesnar's latest contract for WWE expired earlier this year. The two sides were not able to come in to terms with a new deal.

Brock Lesnar has not wrestled in WWE since he lost the WWE Title to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 36. 2020 is also the first year in a long time that the big superstar did not wrestle at SummerSlam.

Due to Brock Lesnar being a free agent, this opens up the door for him to return to the UFC. That being said, UFC might be a risky move now that he's 43 years old.

Another avenue he can do in the future is sign with AEW. AEW could get Lesnar, but it will probably cost the company millions of dollars because Lesnar doesn't wrestle for only little money.

Anyway, as of now it looks like Lesnar isn't coming back to WWE anytime soon. WWE already delisted many of Lesnar's merchandise from its online WWE Shop website.

Paul Heyman is still with the company though. Heyman is now the manager to Roman Reigns. WWE is testing out the waters to see if a Roman Reigns heel turn can bring back viewers.

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