Ellen DeGeneres Talks Time's Most Influential Images List

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During her monologue, Ellen DeGeneres told The Ellen Show audience and viewers that it must be hard to not be able to take photos when you're at the show.

She added that we are all so used to taking photos of everything.

The host said we often take the ability to use our phones for cameras for granted. She reminded us all that actual cameras were used prior to the cell phone cameras.

She continued to joke about about cameras and how long you had to wait to get the film developed. Suddenly, she remembered Time's Most Influential Images list and revealed that her famous celebrity-filled photo made the list.

It was not in any particular order; however, DeGeneres believed that her photo should be the best one.

She compared it to photos like Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and construction workers eating lunch on a skyscraper in 1932.

As she continued the hilarious monologue, she shared a couple of photos that she believed Time may have left out.

You can check out all of the hilarious action from The Ellen Show monologue in the video below.

Ellen DeGeneres Talks Time's Most Influential Images List