Persona 5: The Animation Episode 7 Recap/Review: 'He Is My Other Self'

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Persona 5: The Animation continues this week with the group of heroes trying to expose the shady artist named Ichiryusai Madarame. However, they are having a hard time entering Madarame's metaverse palace because a locked door is blocking their way.

In order to get by this, they have to unlock a door at Mr Madarame's real house but this is easier said than done.

The only plan that they can come up with his agree that Ann Takamaki poses as a nude model so Madarame's student Yusuke can paint her in the premises.

Obviously, Ann Takamaki is too embarrassed and uncomfortable to pose as a nude model, but she agrees to the plan for the greater good.

She gets to the house wearing lots of clothes so she can kill a lot of time "undressing".

While she distracts Yusuke, Morgana the cat is lock picking the door while Ryuji and Ren are waiting inside the metaverse for the door to open.

They cannot overturn Madarame's conscience until his palace is open and they can steal his treasure.

What the anime series misses is how frustrating it can be solving the puzzle inside Madarame's palace.

In the actual video game, Ren and Ryuji had to navigate through lots of paintings like a maze and it was very time consuming. Here in the anime, Ren and Ryuji get through this part rather quickly...

Although I still like watching the anime of Persona 5, I feel the game is the best way to experience the full story.

Sure it takes 90 hours for you to complete, but I enjoyed the story more playing the game than just watching the anime for 20 minutes each week.

Anyway, so far all that the heroes know is that Mr Madarame steals art from his own students and they want to expose him.

If you have played the game, you'll know Madarame did something else quite evil, although you won't see what happens until next week if you are only following the anime.

The revelation is shocking so you will want to keep watching.

Anyway as for this week's episode, all that the heroes manage to accomplish is open the secret door that reveals all of the fake 'Sayuri' paintings.

Yusuke is also brought into the metaverse for the first time, and is given a nickname as 'Fox'. Other than that, Madarame is still free and has not confessed to his crimes yet.

While I still enjoyed this week's episode, not a lot was accomplished by the heroes this week. I feel they could have added more action and content, but most of this week's episode was for character build up.

Next week's episode should be better as they are sure to face up against Madarame's Shadow and steal his heart. Not to mention the heroes will finally know the truth on what happened to Yusuke's deceased mother!

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