WWE Extreme Rules 2018 Results And Review

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WWE Extreme Rules 2018 was on this Sunday and it was a mixed bag to say the least.

Some wrestlers continue to lose week in and week out while there were also some surprising results too. Arguably some of the pre-show matches were better than the stuff that was on the main card!

Well the first match on this year's Extreme Rules event occurred on the pre-show and it was a great contest between Andrade 'Cien' Almas vs Sin Cara.

Even though the match only lasted for seven minutes, it was a nice opener to please the crowd.

Another pre-show match that was better than the main show was the Tables Match between Sanity and The New Day.

These two teams have great chemistry and Sanity got the deserved win at the end. Hopefully these two teams face each other more as everyone played their parts well.

The main card was kind of ruined mainly because two of the matches advertised did not really happen.

Shinsuke Nakamura became the new US Champion by hitting Jeff Hardy below the belt followed by a Kinshasa. A returning Randy Orton came after the match and turned heel by also hitting Jeff Hardy below the belt.

It was not a good night for the Hardy Boyz because Jeff's brother Matt lost the tag team titles with his partner Bray Wyatt. Shockingly, WWE decided to give the belts to The B Team in a very surprising move.

Another surprising result was Kevin Owen "winning" against Braun Stromwan in the Steel Cage match.

Owens "won" by crashing on a table from the top of the Steel Cage. Sure he won the match, but Strowman still came out on top looking strong.

Disappointingly, Kane was suffering from a legit injury so the Smackdown Tag Titles was mostly a handicap match between Daniel Bryan vs The Bludgeon Brothers.

In the end, Kane's late minute return was not enough for Team Hell No to win the titles so The Bludgeon Brothers got the easy victory.

The match that annoyed me the most is WWE's continued booking of Asuka.

Asuka was undefeated for over two years on NXT, but now WWE has made her lose three times in a row on PPV. Predictably, James Elsworth helped Carmella retain her Women's Title.

Another boring yet predictable result was Alexa Bliss retaining her title against Nia Jax.

The match itself was okay, but the only highlight was Ronda Rousey interfering in the match trying to beat up Mickie James. In the end though, the heels came out on top.

I almost forgot to mention Finm Balor beating Baron Corbin in a match that went nowhere. Sure it was an entertaining match, but it meant nothing for either men in the long term.

The main event matches saw AJ Styles easily defeat Rusev to retain the WWE Title and Dolph Ziggler retaining his Intercontinental Championship against Seth Rollins in commendable matches.

That said, the latter win was not clean since Drew McIntyre kept interfering.

Surprisingly, my favorite match of Extreme Rules 2018 was Bobby Lashey vs Roman Reigns. The match started off very slow at the beginning, but it picked up towards the end with Lashley doing a lot of his cool power moves.

The most surprising result was actually seeing Bobby Lashley beat Roman Reigns cleanly with only one spear! Hopefully today's result means Bobby Lashley faces Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam for the Universal Title.

I do not want to see Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar ever again!

Overall though, Extreme Rules was not as horrible as Backlash 2018 but it wasn't the best show of the year either. It's sad to see Asuka keep losing like a jobber and it's boring seeing Alexa Bliss winning all of the time.

Other than that, the rest of tonight's card was okay at best. SummerSlam is sure to be better next month since it's the second biggest PPV of the year behind WrestleMania.

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