Watch Model Samantha Hoopes Strip Down And Hop In Bed With Nick Cannon on Wild 'n Out

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Tonight on MTV's Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out, supermodel and Instagram star Samantha Hoopes took on Nick Cannon to head up the Platinum team. And boy did things get steamy...

You no doubt know Samantha Hoopes from the super hot Carl's Jr. ads, where she eats burgers in skimpy bikinis. In case you don't remember the ads, here are a few pics and vids to remind you:

Hoopes joined Wild 'n Out and played several freestyle comedy games with Cannon.

But tonight's episode wasn't just an average episode. Tonight was the Wild 'n Out pajama party -- and it's pretty clear why Cannon chose this episode for the party.

After stripping down to just a sexy robe and shoes, Hoopes played 'Talking Spit' -- where she and Cannon had to take a gulp of water and keep from laughing and spitting it out.

She managed to hold it in when Michael Blackson asked her if she likes to swallow -- she said yes -- but she eventually ended up spitting. She won, though, when Cannon was asked if he'd seen her *******.

Samantha Hoopes Has Some Sexy Pillow Talk For Nick Cannon

In the next game, things got even more steamy, when Samantha Hoopes got into bed with Nick Cannon for the 'Late Night Questions' game. They were given each other for their late night pairing.

In bed, Hoopes asked Cannon if he was still married. He said 'no'. Hoopes won.

You can watch the clip here:

In the final game, 'Wild Style' Cannon did a freestyle with Hoopes, where he said "I'm gonna put my these Hoopes."

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