The WWE Will Continue To Visit Saudi Arabia

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The WWE held its Crown Jewel event last week in Saudi Arabia and rumors have run amok that the trip was a bad experience for wrestlers and talent.

Well it looks like WWE is saying things are okay for the time being because the company is continuing to visit the country twice on an annual basis.

There were rumors that wrestlers weren't allowed to leave Saudi Arabia after Vince McMahon cut the feed for Crown Jewel in the Saudi Arabian market.

There was also a rumor that the Saudis didn't even pay WWE for the last show that they held earlier this year.

WWE has now announced in a press release that it will continue to entertain Saudi Arabians twice a year up until it's 2027. You can read their press release posted down below.

"STAMFORD, CONN. and RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA, November 4, 2019 – Following the historic Crown Jewel event in Riyadh, WWE (NYSE: WWE) and the Saudi General Entertainment Authority (GEA) have expanded their live event partnership through 2027 to include a second annual large-scale event. WWE and GEA also continue to work towards the completion of a media agreement in the MENA region. This long-term partnership demonstrates WWE and GEA’s commitment to bring sports entertainment to the region and supports Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030.

It will be interesting to see which wrestlers choose to go to Saudi Arabia next year. If the rumors are true, there might be a lot of wrestlers unwilling to go to the country ever again!

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