'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After': What Does Mohamed Do Next?

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After premiered its latest episode tonight and it's clear that there's a lot more drama in store for these couples. Read on to find out what happens!

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After - Mohamed

Mohamed feels triumphant about getting Danielle to pull the annulment and feels that he can now enjoy living in Tampa, Florida. He introduces us to several of his new friends, and they happen to be nubile young women who enjoy spending time on the beach in scantily clad swimsuits.

Mohamed concedes he's worried that Danielle will have a tough time letting go of him. He wants to take legal action to keep her away from him but he can't because of the lack of a divorce.

Later, Mohamed finds out that Danielle has decided to pay him a visit and believes that he should file a restraining order against her by going to the police.

He tells his friends about his fears about Danielle and her drama.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After - Danielle

Danielle visits her friend and tells her that she decided to pull the annulment. Danielle says that she wants to keep Mohamed in her life which is why she made the decision to pull the annulment.

However, as she talks to her friend, Danielle realizes that she's probably given Mohamed too much of a benefit of the doubt. She recognizes that her family and friends are going to think she's given in too much to Mohamed.

Later, we find out that Danielle has been texting Mohamed and hasn't hear back from her, which upsets her.

But Danielle finds out Mohamed's address when she realizes that Mohamed has changed the address on their joint bank account to his current address in Florida.

Danielle then buys a plane ticket and pays Mohamed a visit, despite the fact that Mohamed hasn't responded to her emails, text messages or voicemails.

Danielle calls Mohamed when she arrives and manages to make contact with him.

Mohamed says that he only picked up the phone because Danielle is already in Florida and he knows she won't leave him alone.

Mohamed agrees to let Danielle come over and talk to him but tells her it's for the last time.

The phone call makes Danielle truly tearful and she sobs about how she feels that Mohamed has used her.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After - Paola and Russ

Since she got back from Miami, Paola has had a chance to calm down. She gives Russ her gift that she got him from Miami. Still, she's nervous to show Russ her photo shoot pictures.

She decides to let Russ take a look at all of the shots himself. Russ gets upset when he finds out about the shots of Paola without her top on.

They wind up having a huge fight about Russ's concerns about Paola's racy pics.

Paola feels that Russ is trying to take away something that's important to her and doesn't understand why he's changed so much since they met in Columbia.

Later, Paola calls her parents and feels vindicated when they tell her that it's easier to find a new husband than a new job.

Paola fight with Russ about this, who protests that he doesn't want to keep Paola from doing what she wants but is still upset about her taking her top off.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After - Melanie and Devar

Melanie and Devar are back from Jamaica. Melanie notes that since their arrival back, she's felt differently about giving money to Devar's family. Melanie shares her concerns about Devar's sisters with her sister Beverly, who insists on coming over to dinner.

At dinner, Beverly doesn't waste any time asking Devar why he's sending money back to his sister. But Melanie is assertive, asking why would they send money back to his sister when she doesn't work by choice.

Devars fight back against Beverly, asking why she doesn't spend more time taking care of herself rather than butting into her Melanie's life. Still, Melanie articulates her concerns about finances coming between her and Devar.

The next morning, Melanie talks to Devar about her sister's concerns. Devar says that he recognizes that he should be earning money and that Melanie is the breadwinner.

Still, he notes that his goal is to support both Melanie and his sister back home.

Melanie notes that it would bother her if Devar sent money back to his sister regularly but on an as needed basis, it seems reasonable to her.

However, we find out later that Devar does feel obligated to send money back to support his sister all of the time and hopes to accomplish this in the future.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After - Loren and Alexei

Loren and Alexei are still in Israel visiting his family and on this episode, Loren decides to tell Alexei's family about her Tourette's.

She's relieved when Alexei's parents accept her and tell her that this is not an important issue. What's important is that she loves Alexei.

Soon, it's the day of Loren and Alexei's Israeli wedding.

Loren is excited to hold the event for for Alexei's family. Loren feels a lot of pressure given how much Alexei's family misses him and how upset Alexei's friends were about his departure from Israel.

Alexei is excited about their Israeli wedding day. And seeing Loren looking so beautiful, Alexei feels that his friends will realize why he left Israel for her.

At the wedding, Loren and Alexei are taking pictures with their family when Alexei begins to grew irritable because he wants everyone to be able to see Loren.

Loren herself begins to grow weary because she realizes how unorganized the wedding has become. She and Alexei begin to bicker and their fighting escalates.

Alexei tries to calm Loren down but eventually Loren's friend arrives and manages to calm her down. Still, by the time the rabbi arrives, it looks like Alexei might be striding out of the wedding.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After - Noon and Kyle

Kyle and Noon decide to pay his aunt, who raised him, a visit.

Noon tells Kyle's aunt that wants to go to Thailand but isn't sure for how long she should go.

Kyle's aunt thinks that Noon and Kyle should tell Kyle's mother this information personally but Kyle feels ambivalent about seeing his mother again.

Kyle decides to pay a visit to his mother and tell her that he and Noon are thinking of returning to Thailand for some time.

Kyle notes that he was hoping to have her admit to her problems but feels disappointed that once again, she can't be honest with him about her alcoholism.

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After - Daya and Brett

Daya and Brett have been focusing on building their own family. But Daya reveals that she and Brett have been having trouble getting pregnant.

So she goes to the doctor to get checked out and finds out that she is hypothyroid and needs to get this treated. Daya discusses the emotional toll of infertility.

To cheer Daya up, Brett asks her to come to a studio, where he sets up champagne and flowers and also serenades her with a rap song. His plan works and Daya is pleased.

To see more on how Mohamed has been spending his time since moving to Florida, check out the clip below:

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