Catfish MTV Season 7 Episode 2 Recap: Alyssa & Tyler -- The Lie

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Tonight we recap the second episode fo season 7 of Catfish on MTV. This episode features Alyssa and Tyler.

Alyssa is 20 years old, from Texas. She's planning to study nursing.

She met a guy named Tyler and she's been texting him ever since. Tyler helped her through her problems with friends in family, and that made her develop feelings for him.

But things have gotten a bit strange, since even though they've been talking about moving close together, Tyler keeps canceling his plans to meet with Alyssa.

Catfish: Alyssa and Tyler

Alyssa met Tyler on a local chat. She got onto the chat because she was going through problems in her life. She says she's never video-chatted, because Tyler didn't feel comfortable.

He backed out twice from plans to meet.

Tyler and Alyssa have never talked on the phone -- only texted -- and she's never looked him up on Facebook or any other social media site....but she insists she loves him.

When Nev and Max arrive in Texas, Alyssa tells them that she was having problems with her parents. Her parents were not allowing her to talk to people online, and they refused to give her privacy.

She says her friends dropped her because of this, but one friend, Mary, continued to support her.

Mary told her to join a website to talk to someone. That's where she met Tyler, who apparently had family problems too.

But Tyler kept saying he couldn't meet because his friends had cancer....(yes, cancer is back). The guys immediately suspect that Tyler is Mary.

Nev and Max begin their research. Tyler has such nice abs in his pictures that Nev thinks they'll find his pictures by just searching "hot guy abs" -- and it works.

So clearly, Tyler is not really the guy in the pictures.

Then, Nev and Max look up Tyler's phone number, and they find that it belongs to someone named Cathy.

They find a picture of a real guy named Tyler in Sacramento. Nev does a further search, and he finds out that the number is tied to several different fake profiles on the chat site where Alyssa and Tyler met.

Is Tyler a catfish?

Nev and Max return to Alyssa's house and explain everything to her. Alyssa is crushed, but she still wants to meet Tyler.

The Catfish team decides to give Tyler a call. Tyler doesn't pick up, but he texts Nev back and asks to chat.

Tyler says he's going to class right now -- and Nev tells him they're going to Sacramento to meet him. Tyler agrees to meet at a -- of course -- local park.

At the park, the Catfish team waits...and Tyler shows up. He's the guy in the photo. He's a stalky, cross-eyed young guy, and he says he never talked to any other woman.

He insists that the only thing that wasn't real about him was his picture. He can't explain why there are other accounts using his phone number. Tyler tells Alyssa that he loves her.

Alyssa isn't sure if she believes him. After taking a break, she returns to talk with Tyler. He says he's being dead serious that the other profiles aren't his. Nevertheless, Alyssa says she won't trust Tyler.

The next day, the Catfish team meets Tyler at his house. Tyler explains that he was bullied throughout high school, and nobody wanted him -- but he felt like Alyssa made her happy. Alyssa refuses to accept what Tyler said.

Months later, Nev and Max talk to Alyssa, and she says she didn't want to talk to Tyler. They haven't talked since. They call Tyler, and he admits that the profiles were his. He says he never used them.

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