Donald Trump Calls Obama 'Worst president of all time' On Howard Stern

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Some time over the last few years Donald Trump morphed from a successful businessman into a weird right-wing political figure.

He has been an outspoken critic of President Barack Obama but he took things a step further on Tuesday's Howard Stern show.

Though he said he did not personally dislike Obama, the real estate mogul said he was the worst president of all time.

He also suggested that Jimmy Carter should be thrilled with the Obama presidency because it takes him off the hook and at least moves him up a spot on the all-time list.

Trump did not only go off on Obama he also had unkind words for Jerry Seinfeld calling him not awkward and not funny.

Trump's beef with the comedian goes back to a time when he says Seinfeld cancelled on a charity appearance for an event run by the Donald's son.

Like all people who can;t take a joke Trump professed to "like" comedy while taking comedians to task for doing things he considers not funny.

In addition to Seinfeld he went after Seth Meyers saying that he shouldn't be on television.

"God did not put him on this planet to do what he's doing," according to Trump.

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