The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood's Mike Has A Side You Don't See On TV

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Mike Crescenzo of Real World Seattle: Bad Blood may be one of the more disliked characters based on how he's portrayed on the show. But don't be so quick to judge him by what you see on TV.

This season of Real World Seattle: Bad Blood clearly portrays some cast members in a positive light and others in a negative light.

Robbie, for example, could not have been portrayed more positively -- he appears as the good guy in nearly every episode.

Mike, on the other hand, will be remembered in a different way. Throughout the season, he appeared as an angry and arrogant guy; but when he left the house for making racially-insensitive remarks, he looked worse than ever.

What few know, however, is that after the show, Mike took full responsibility for his words.

He didn't act like a victim; instead, he said that his comments had no excuse, and he repeatedly apologized for hurting his housemates. In a video on Periscope, Mike said this:

I made definitely a f---ed up remark, and then following that...I made a decision to remove myself from the come back when I was sober and discuss everything, and really address the house. And I wasn't given that opportunity...I was just really embarrassed, but I knew that if I had to go home, I wanted to at least get to say my piece to everyone from the house.


This has probably of the most eye-opening experiences of my life...I didn't understand what it was that I was saying...I would never use that word -- I never have used that word as a form of coming back on somebody or in a derogatory way.


If anyone saw this who didn't know me I wouldn't expect you to like me, I would expect you to think that I'm a terrible f--- human being and I don't blame you for that.


I appreciate all of the comments -- even the negative ones -- it never is a bad thing to hear negative feedback from people.

Mike also explained that during the after-show, he hung out with all of the cast, and everyone understood that he didn't mean to make racist comments.

On Twitter, he posted these messages:

By taking ownership of what he said -- and explaining that he thinks it's fair for people to think he's a bad person -- Mike really turned a negative event into a positive learning experience.

It's too bad that he wasn't allowed to say all of that on the show.

For her part, Jordan -- the woman whom Mike made his final racially-charged remarks to -- appears to have forgiven him.

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