Venom Movie Official Soundtrack Listing And Release Date Unleashed

The release date and track listing for the official Venom soundtrack has now been unleashed.

The soundtrack listing gives us a small idea on how the movie will be set up and it looks like Venom might have a decent amount of screentime after all.

One of the biggest doubts about the Venom movie is wondering how long Venom will be in the actual movie.

The last time Venom was in a movie, he only had 10 minutes or so of screentime until he was unceremoniously killed off never to be seen again.

There were rumors a few months ago that Venom will only be in the new movie for five minutes, but the soundtrack listing and recent trailers beg to differ.

It thankfully looks like Venom will have more than five minutes of screentime.

Anyway, the soundtrack listing and release date was announced by Film Music Reporter.

The movie is composed by Ludwig Goransson who also scored Black Panther earlier this year. The soundtrack will be out on October 5th, 2018 and you can look at the track listing posted down below.

  • 1. Space Exploration
  • 2. Symbiotes Arrive
  • 3. First Contact
  • 4. Eddie’s Blues
  • 5. Run, Eddie, Run
  • 6. What’s Wrong With Me
  • 7. Panic at the Bistro
  • 8. Humans… Such Poor Design
  • 9. Self Defense
  • 10. Pedal to the Metal
  • 11. Eyes, Lungs, Pancreas
  • 12. You Want Up?
  • 13. Venom Rampage
  • 14. Annie, I’m Scared
  • 15. Parasite
  • 16. Unexpected Ally
  • 17. Battle on the Launch Pad
  • 18. You Belong With Us

Venom the movie releases in North America on October 5th, 2018. Hopefully the movie is received well so we can see more sequels in the near future!

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