'90 Day Fiance' Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: Alla Doesn't Love Matt, But She Plans to Marry Him Anyway

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Tonight was the episode of 90 Day Fiance season 4. We got to find out the shocking ending to Anfisa and Jorge's fighting, the details of Nicole's homecoming from her family and even more drama from these controversial couples!

Jorge and Anfisa

After Jorge and Anfisa's explosive dispute in the last episode of 90 Day Fiance, we see them back together. Jorge is clearly trying to reconcile and asks Anfisa if she wants to go out to breakfast with him. But Anfisa just snaps at him and refuses to spend time with him. Anfisa discusses her frustration with being left alone so long. She feels that America is different than what she pictured, since she thought she'd be having a more exciting life. She feels particularly upset when Jorge works long days.

Still, She has no idea that on this day when Jorge has told her that he's working he's actually decided to do a proper proposal and purchase Anfisa an engagement ring. So he heads to a jeweler and purchases a ring for Anfisa. And what's the grand total for Anfisa's ring.

Well, it's far from being the knockouts that Anfisa tried on in a prior episode.

In fact, the ring that Jorge purchases only runs him $11, 700. Still, the topic of conversation quickly becomes how frequently Anfisa is pinging Jorge when he's away.

Jorge says that the reason he works so much is that he feels a lot of pressure to earn the money that will support Anfisa.

In one scene where's driving in his car, trying to close a deal, Anfisa won't stop calling him.

The producers ask Jorge how often Anfisa calls him during the day and he estimates that it's probably as much as 1000 times/day.

Jorge feels that over the 90 days of his relationship with Anfisa, things have truly changed between them. So he decides to seek the advise of his sister, Lourdes.

Jorge tells his sister and her friends that he's feeling controlled by Anfisa.

Lourdes asks Jorge if he feels that maybe Anfisa's intentions aren't pure. Jorge admits to the problems in his relationship but looks upset when Lourdes's friend says, "That's what happens when you pay for someone to spread their legs."

Nicole and Azan

Nicole returns home from Morocco to receive a welcome greeting from her daughter and sister at the airport. Nicole is dreading telling her family about how her trip went.

When her mother asks how the trip went, Nicole decides to open up.

Nicole is honest about Azan's admission of lack of attraction to her and the amount of time that they spent fighting.

Nicole's sister and mother are dismayed to hear about Nicole's remarks about her trip and wonders why she'd get engaged to Azan.

Narkiya and Lowo

When we see Narkiya again, she'd decided to meet up with Lowo in Vietnam.

She's happy to see Lowo and feels good that she made the trip to see him in Vietnam. Lowo brings Narkiya back to their hotel room and surprises her with a true welcome.

Narkiya and Lowo decide to head out to dinner to get out of the hotel room. Narkiya articulates her concerns about Lowo and her difficulty trusting him.

She suggests seeing an immigration lawyer but Lowo is reluctant to do this telling Narkiya, "I got this." Lowo notes that in Nigeria, women are more submissive and suggests that Narkiya's role is to trust him and defer to him.

Narkiya admits that their cultural differences are playing a role in conflict between her and Lowo.

Matt and Alla

After a dramatic bachelor party, Matt's back with spending most of his time with Alla. Matt and Alla decide to have dinner with Patrick and Julie. Patrick again voices his skepticism about Alla's intentions toward Matt. Patrick asks Alla whether she's just with Matt for a green card so that she can have a better life for her son Max. Alla notes that she has never told Matt that she loves him.

In fact, she's not sure if she does love Matt. Patrick is shocked by this incongruency and wonders why Alla is marrying Matt at all. Matt notes that Patrick is misinterpreting Alla's statements.

Alla fights back asking why Patrick is so controlling over Matt's life.

But Patrick is insistent that the only reason Alla is marrying Matt is that she wants a better life for herself. Alla asks Patrick why he'd even want to attend their wedding if he's so against their getting married.

Matt decides to sit down with Alla and have a heart to heart talk with her about her difficulty telling him she loves him. Matt asks Alla when she's going to be ready to tell him she loves him and she tells him she still needs time.

Matt looks heartbroken. Matt states he is ready to marry Alla without her telling him she loves him.

Chantal and Pedro

Chantel opens with her stress over having to have Pedro sign a prenup. Pedro makes a call back home and tries to get the advice of his mother on what's been going on.

Pedro's mother grows increasingly indignant and tells Pedro that Chantal should count herself lucky to be with Pedro.

Pedro's mother tells him not to sign the prenup. Still, when he and Chantal start arguing about the prenup, he eventually throws up his hands and agrees to sign it.

Too see Alla confronted by Patrick in a truly tense moment, check out the clip below:

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