Real World Seattle 'Bad Blood' Episode 11: The Shocking Pregnancy Fallout

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Tonight was the 11th episode of MTV's Real World Seattle: Bad Blood.

This episode opens with Tyara trying to figure out what to do about her pregnancy. She starts packing up everything, which makes the others suspicious.

Then, she assembles the house in the living room, and she tells everyone that she has to leave because of "personal stuff at home." Kimberly immediately guesses that Tyara is pregnant.

Robbie tells Jordan that Tyara may be pregnant, and they surmise that the child is Theo's. In the confession room, Jordan asks, and Tyara signals that she is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Peter, Robbie, and Jennifer are at a park doing sprints, while Anna and Katrina are picking up their mom. Anna and Katrina bring their mom back to the house, and they introduce her to the housemates.

The two women compete for their mother's attention. Peter complains about Jennifer's relationship with Anna. He tries too keep the two from spending time together, but they refuse.

The next day, Katrina and Anna take their mom to a restaurant.

In the car, everyone argues, and once they arrive at the restaurant, Katrina and her mom gang up on Anna. Katrina recounts how hard her parents' divorce was on her, and says that Anna was never there for her.

At night, everyone goes out to a bar. At the bar, Katrina and Anna talk to Jenn, and that makes Peter very angry and jealous. He complains about the situation to Robbie and the others, and he prepares for a conflict.

In bed, Peter confronts Jenn, and the two get into a fight. Peter starts screaming, and the whole house can hear. Everyone becomes concerned about Peter's behavior.

Anna calls security and Peter starts going crazy. Robbie calms Peter down while Jenn cries in the closet.

By the morning, however, the two are back to normal, and Jenn appears happy. Robbie finds Anna looking up domestic abuse (regarding Peter), and he gets really upset. He tells Peter and Jenn, and they become upset too.

Separately, Anna and Katrina take their mom to a falls. Anna starts talking about the divorce and how it wasn't that bad. That makes Katrina angry. While at the falls, Anna receives a text from Jenn about the abuse search.

When they return to the house, Anna and Katrina are confronted by an angry Peter.

Peter tries to talk to Anna privately, even though Jenn wanted to handle the situation. When Peter tells Jenn that he talked to Anna first, Jenn gets angry at him, and she blows up.

Anna leaves, and then Katrina walks in and starts arguing with Peter.

Jenn starts yelling at her, saying that she has been in an abusive relationship in the past, and Katrina and Anna have no right to judge her relationship with Peter.

Katrina gets into an argument with Peter, but once Peter leaves, Katrina tries to calm Jenn down.

As the episode ends, Jenn just becomes angrier.

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