Box Office: Black Panther Gets The Biggest MCU Second Weekend Of All Time

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Marvel's Black Panther continues to pounce all over the North America Box Office becoming one of the most popular comic book movies of all time.

Its second Box Office weekend is the biggest one ever from a film in the MCU franchise.

As reported by Deadline, Black Panther is estimated to get a huge second weekend intake of $108 million in North America. This eclipses the previous second weekend record from The Avengers movie which took in $103 million back in 2012. 

The only second weekend higher than that of Black Panther is Star Wars: The Force Awakens' insane intake of over $149 million back in December 2015. Still, the second best weekend of all time is great for a Marvel film. 

Thanks to the huge second weekend in North America, the domestic total for Black Panther means the film should cross the $400 million mark in only 10 days of release.

Again, only The Force Awakens was faster getting the same milestone in a mere 8 days.

In comparison, comedy movie 'Game Night' only managed to notch an opening of $16.7 million this weekend. This is not a bad number, although it's nothing that is going to dent the momentum of Disney/Marvel. 

Paramount Pictures' 'Annihilation' starring Natalie Portman only managed to receive $10.6 million at the Box Office this weekend. The movie has a respectable 87 percent rating over on Rotten Tomatoes from critics, although the general audience rates it lower at currently 65 percent. 

Anyway, Black Panther is the biggest earner and it could even get more money in North America than The Avengers did back in 2012.

With this momentum, there's a strong chance that Avengers: Infinity War could make even more money when it comes out later this year.

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