Star Wars: Visions Is Surprisingly Good

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I wasn't too keen on Star Wars: Visions when the first trailer was released, but now that it's out I'm glad my assumption was wrong. Most of the episodes are good and have great Japanese animation.

Star Wars is a huge universe and it's great that we are seeing more stories that don't have to do with the Skywalker family or Emperor Palpatine.

Many of the new stories in Visions is great because it's a new fresh take on the franchise.

Probably the strongest episode is the first one called 'The Duel'.

It's like watching an old samurai film from the '50s because the whole episode is in black and white. The show also has a decent battle between a Jedi and a female Sith character.

Another good episode is 'The Ninth Jedi' where the Jedi are outnumbered by five or six other Sith characters. Much like 'The Duel', it features cool lightsaber battles and has the most interesting story out of the nine episodes.

My third favorite episode is 'The Elder' where two Jedi have to hunt down an old man who is thought to be a Sith.

The fight does not last very long, but it was entertaining to see a Samurai sword style lightsaber being wielded.

The other episodes aren't as strong as the ones that I mentioned, although they're still fun and have familiar settings. Many episodes feature Star Destroyers and Lightsabers.

Some people may criticize the character design in several episodes since most of the main cast are small kids.

There is even a furry rabbit like character named Lop that some people may not like. That being said, I was still amazed by the animation style since we've never seen this in Star Wars before.

The only episode that I hated was called 'Tatooine Rhapsody'.

Even though this episode features Boba Fett and Jabba the Hutt, it was boring because it had nothing to do with Star Wars. It was just about a rock band and the plot went absolutely nowhere.

Anyway, if you were skeptical Star Wars: Visions, don't be. Most of the episodes are fine and it's nice to see a Japanese take on science fiction. I hope some episodes have sequels as the stories need to be expanded!

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