Little Dancer Tavaris Returns To The Ellen Show

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That's right, Tavaris, the little dancer that became a viral sensation is back to show off some more moves on The Ellen Show. It's just as adorable the second time around for sure.

DeGeneres welcomed back the Detroit native who danced his way to the stage and hopped up into the chair. DeGeneres said it was hard to stop him because she loves to see him dance.

Tavaris said he wanted to move to "The Ellen House," which is code for his hotel. Little Tavaris said that he does feel like a celebrity and that he is impossible.

Meanwhile, for his fifth birthday, Tavaris said his mom smashed cake in his face. Tavaris said he wants a little brother or sister because he likes little people.

Unfortunately, Tavaris' mother doesn't seem to be working on that for him just yet. Tavaris happens to be the captain of his class and said that he got in trouble be he didn't do anything.

The little guy said he liked dancing because he likes to be in charge.

After some early clips of him dancing, Tavaris took The Ellen Show stage again to show off his awesome dance moves. You can check out the awesome appearance in The Ellen Show video below.

Little Dancer Tavaris Returns To The Ellen Show