'Sweet/Vicious' Episode 3 Recap: "Sucker"

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Tonight was the third episode of MTV's Sweet/Vicious. After the tumultuous previous episode, we find Jules and Ophelia's friendship renewed, and their calling more important than ever.

This episode begins with a montage of the two women training.

Back at Jules' sorority house, the women are planning for having Leslie Garner speak.

Gaby and Fiona had taken mushrooms, so Jules is responsible for taking care of them. But because Jules is busy with Ophelia, Harris ends up doing it.

In the back room of Harris' record shop, she and Jules are looking at a dossier about a woman who was raped.

Ophelia plays a video of the victim, but Jules can't take it and runs outside. She runs into Tyler outside and overhears him speaking with the police about Carter, his brother and the guy who Jules and Ophelia killed.

Ophelia reveals that she stole Carter's phone after they killed him, and they decide to use it to text Tyler and make it seem that he's still alive.

The text implies that Carter has left the country; Tyler writes back saying "you can't run away from your problems."

While Jules and Ophelia are on a stakeout, Kennedy finds her (through a GPS app).

While Jules is gone talking to Kennedy, Ophelia sees the guy and tackles him on her own -- except it's not the right guy. Ophelia pretends she's mugging the guy and then runs off.

It turns out the woman who was raped was catfished, and Jules and Ophelia had the wrong guy's name. The real guy's name was Darren Ford, and he's good at covering his computer tracks.

So Jules finds him and distracts whim while she downloads the data from his phone. Ophelia then texts him disguised as the woman who was raped.

They get him to meet, and they ambush him. They taze him and beat him up. Later, they text the woman he raped, who comes outside and sees Darren walk by, limping from the attack.

Back at the record store, Harris is sick of Ophelia's unreliability, and he decides to fire her. He later rehires her.

Ophelia and Jules get to talking and we find out that Jules is afraid to get involved with Tyler because she has PTSD about her rape.

At the end of the episode, a police officer hands Tyler an arrest warrant for Carter. So Tyler goes to Carter's house and realizes he's not out of the country...and he begins to get suspicious.

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