New Detailed Woman Woman Figurine Announced By Hot Toys

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Hot Toys has announced and revealed on Facebook a brand new Wonder Woman figurine based on her appearance in the new film.

This new figurine is different to the one that was revealed a while ago based on her outfit from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This new figurine from Hot Toys is the "Training Armor" version as seen in the new Wonder Woman movie.

It includes both a shield and sword plus a new face mold that is different to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice figurine. You can read a description for the toy below.

Featuring Gal Gadot as the Amazonian Princess Diana in the movie, the figure is finely crafted based on her appearance in Wonder Woman wearing the Themyscira training armor. The newly developed head sculpt is perfectly craved with movie-accurate quality. The outfit is specifically tailored to showcase the fine detailing. What's more, the figure comes with an assortment of weapons such as the Amazons' mythical "God Killer" sword with base, a shield, bow and arrows and her signature "Bracelets of Submission"

The other cool part about the toy is that it also includes a "Themyscira island backdrop" as seen in the bottom right hand corner of the image provided above.

Some Hot Toys figurines don't include backdrops so this is unique to this particular model. You will be able to see this cool looking island in the movie itself.

This toy is open for pre-order now and will be available in the future.

If you pre-ordered the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice version of Wonder Woman, Hot Toys says that figurine should finally be shipping this June.

The new movie is out now and is getting great reviews by lots of fans and critics alike.

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