'Liv and Maddie' Nearing Its Finale: The Hidden Clues To The Ending

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Last night, Disney Channel premiered one of the last episodes of Liv and Maddie: Cali Style. Last night's episode surrounded around homelessness, but it also included some clues about how the series will end.

What will happen to the Liv and Maddie characters? Here are the clues and our guesses.

What happens to the Rooney family?

In the last few episodes, we have started to see the return of Wisconsin.

There has been talk about rebuilding the house and about family members missing home. In last night's episode, we learned that the roof has been placed on the house.

Given the talk about the house, we guess that most of the discussion in the final episode will revolve around whether the family will return to Wisconsin and reunite with their dad -- who we expect will not appear again.

But that doesn't mean the family will be returning to Wisconsin. We have some open ends.

The upcoming episode will return to the theme of Joey's comedy. Clearly, they are looking to spotlight the Joey Bragg's standup routine.

Joey will be getting his "big break" when he convinces a club manager to let him do a set. Incidentally, that episode will feature the fiance of the actress who plays Willow.

It is likely that this theme is going to be a significant part of the final episodes, and we predict that by the end, Joey will be getting the opportunity to be a celebrity comic.

Possibly, that entails getting his own show/series -- which would keep him in California. Perhaps a Laugh it Louder...

It is very unlikely that Parker will want to leave California as well, given that he's starting to like BOOMS, and has met a girl. So most of the family has a reason to want to stay.

Meanwhile, the actress who plays Karen previously tweeted that last night's episode was her last on the show. So we won't get any resolution regarding her.

Ruby didn't appear in last night's episode, but she's not leaving the show.

She will be a big part of the reason that family members won't want to return to Wisconsin. And of course, she and Liv have Sing it Louder!

What about Maddie?

Maddie is the open question. She has some ties to California -- her school and Willow. But perhaps there is another tie she will have. There are three other guys in her life: Josh, Diggy, and the homeless guy.

Diggy is very unlikely to appear again, given Ryan McCartan's breakup with Dove Cameron.

The actor who plays the homeless guy does not appear to be doing any more episodes, so we don't think anything will happen with him. So what's going to happen with Maddie and Josh? That should be interesting.