Warner Bros. Is Putting The Batgirl Movie On The Backburner For Now

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Previously, Batgirl was one of the films that Warner Bros wanted to release in the near future after the likes of Aquaman and Shazam came out.

Now it sounds like the movie studio is in no hurry to release the film anymore.

As you may have heard already, Batgirl's previous writer and director Joss Whedon suddenly dropped out.

Whedon claims to have stepped down because he says he failed to come up with a great story for the character after planning it for a year.

Due to Whedon's exit, The Wrap has learned via a source that both DC Films and Warner Bros are in no hurry to move forward with “Batgirl”.

Both of them have no plans to announce a new director or writer for the film meaning it has been put on the shelf for now according to the insider source.

Originally, Warner Bros wanted to make standalone movies for the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Aquaman first before making films about the secondary characters.

Well now the future of DC Films has been put on hold thanks to the underwhelming Box Office gross of Justice League.

There was supposed to be Justice League 2 and The Batman released in 2019, but all of these plans have been delayed.

Justice League 2 might have a different story while it's rumored The Batman might be different since Ben Affleck may not want to reprise the role again.

The only universally praised DCEU film so far has been Wonder Woman as the rest of its portfolio has been met with a polarizing reception.

There's hope for the near future though because early screenings of Aquaman suggest the film is a crowd pleasing movie.

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