'Catfish' MTV Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: Mecca and Tanner, a Sith? (Watch)

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Tonight was the sixth episode of season 6 of Catfish on MTV. This episode is about Mecca and Tanner -- Mecca is an 18 year old girl from Florida.

This episode is hosted by iO with Max, because Nev is on paternity leave. The episode starts with Max and iO in a hotel room looking at a letter from Mecca.

Mecca explains that she met a catfish named Ryan, from Texas. Mecca fell in love with "Ryan," but she never saw him in person.

Finally, she convinced Ryan to video chat with her and -- get this -- he was dressed in a dark black robe with hood (like a Sith). She realized that Ryan wasn't really Ryan, and she got him to admit that.

Ryan then claimed to be another guy online, named Tanner. But Tanner also seemed really sketchy. And that's why Mecca called the Catfish team.

Mecca Meets Max and iO

Mecca originally got a message from a girl named "Taylor" who said that her cousin Ryan is into her. She talked to Ryan on the phone, and things heated up.

At the time, Mecca was being bullied heavily and she needed someone to help her feel better. Ryan talked to her every day and made her feel better.

Max and iO meet Mecca at her house in Tampa, Florida. We learn that Mecca started talking to Ryan when she was 13, and he was 14. At first, Ryan kept refusing to meet because people in his family kept "dying."

As noted before, when Mecca finally did get a video chat with Ryan, Ryan was dressed in a dark robe, hiding his face and body.

She eventually got Ryan to admit that he wasn't real -- and Ryan said his real name was Tanner.

Max and iO started going through Tanner's Facebook and found that he was a member of an LGBT support group -- which would be strange for a heterosexual guy from Texas.

Then, they found a bunch of postings from Mecca on his Facebook -- except Mecca says she didn't write those posts.

Someone appears to be impersonating Mecca; she reveals that she gave Ryan/Tanner her Facebook password several years ago. It looks like he went on to this LGBT group on Facebook pretending to be Mecca.

Max and iO Start their Search

Max and iO find a local restaurant and start searching the Internet for information. They look up the photos first, and they can't identify any of them. They then try to find Taylor, the girl who originally messaged Mecca.

They find a friend of Taylor's, and they try to contact her.

The friend, Lakisha, says that Taylor is a co-worker of hers, and she's 19. Lakisha says Taylor has a lot of cousins, but she doesn't know specifically of anyone named Ryan or Tanner.

Max and iO get a call from someone who says he's Tanner.

He says he's not the guy in the photos; he says he'll call them back. Max and iO think that Tanner is either a girl or trans; they think Tanner is Taylor.

After talking to Tanner, Max and iO meet with Mecca and her mother. iO explains her theory that Tanner/Taylor is trans.

Max gets a text from Tanner, saying he's ready to talk. Max and iO receive a Facetime call from Tanner, who is again wearing a Sith robe.

They tell Tanner that they think he's a girl; he gets very defensive when they say that. But he agrees to meet them.

The Catfish Team Heads to Texas

The Catfish team finds Tanner's house, and they knock on the door.

From the other side of the door, Tanner says he can't come out because he's scared. Max convinces Tanner to come outside, and of course, Tanner is a girl -- Tanner is Taylor.

Mecca confronts Taylor about impersonating her. Taylor says that she was telling the truth about her friends killing themselves for being gay (we later find out that this is a lie).

She says she's in a small town and it's impossible to come out. She says she's ready to come out, even though it's very difficult for her.

Taylor says she still loves Mecca.

The next day, the Catfish team heads out to the park to meet Taylor.

Mecca and Taylor sort of make up, but we find out that in the end, they never talk again. MTV is never able to contact Taylor again either, so we don't know what happened to her.

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