'90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After' Episode 6 Recap: Anfisa's Shocking Secret

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90 Day Fiance: Anfisa and Jorge

Anfisa starts her day by lounging at the pool and feels that she's living the lifestyle that Jorge couldn't give her. She discusses the Botox she got with her friend Miranda. Anfisa tells Miranda that she decided to meet up with Jorge since he's sent her so many messages.

Anfisa reveals to Miranda that Jorge was her first lover. Miranda is shocked. Anfisa feels that she does have a bond with Jorge because of this relationship.

Jorge says he really misses Anfisa and wants to get her a present in hopes that it'll ease the tension with her. Unfortunately for Anfisa, Jorge has a budget in the hundreds rather than thousands of dollars.

90 Day Fiance: Pedro and Chantel

Chantel notes that her family thinks Pedro is using her. But Pedro is upset that Chantel's father and brother "spit in his face." Pedro believes that Chantel's family is the main problem.

Still, the day before the wedding, Pedro and Chantel move forward with checking into their hotel where the wedding will be taking place.

Chantel's family does show up to the hotel, causing a truly awkward moment with Pedro. Pedro doesn't even turn around to acknowledge Chantel's family, causing them to get even more upset.

Pedro and Chantel have a chance to see the venue for their wedding and get concerned about the seating arrangement given that their parents may have to sit together.

Pedro talks to his family about how Chantel's parents feel about him.

Meanwhile, Chantel talks to Pedro's mother and sister because she does feel embarrassed about how her parents behaved. But she winds up getting upset about the fact that Pedro prioritizes his mother over her.

Pedro's sister also agitates her with her voice and escalates Chantel to the point that she calls Pedro's sister a whore.

90 Day Fiance: Russ and Pao

Pao reflects on how it'll be tough to change Russ given the culture he was raised on. Pao has a chance to be the lead model in a new music video for the band Reggaeton.

Russ is skeptical especially since Pao will have to go to New Jersey. Pao is upset that Russ doesn't trust her.

Next, Pao heads to a networking event and discusses the Russ's objections to her career with another model.

90 Day Fiance: Danielle and Mohamed

Mohamed says that he's going to meet up with his friend, Tom. Tom lets Mohamed know that Danielle has been trying to turn him against Mohamed.

Danielle reflects on her decision to try to get Mohamed annulled. Danielle wants to call Mohamed to make sure he's going to be civil. She feels like he's up to something.

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