Venom Overcomes Expectations And Breaks October Box Office Record

Venom might be just a "turd in the wind" for critics, but it sounds like the movie is more than that with the fans.

This is because word of mouth is strong for the comic book movie as it has broken the October Box Office weekend opening record.

The previous highest opening weekend belonged to Gravity which launched with over $55 million when it was released back in October 2013.

Well this year's Venom movie has eclipsed that record earning a massive $80 million in its opening weekend this week reports Box Office Pro.

Initially, Box Office analysts thought that Venom would only have an opening in the $60 million range. This forecast was even in doubt when the first bad reviews for the movie started pouring in.

However, the movie is performing above expectations mainly because the average movie going audience seem to be loving Venom.

Many people don't mind the movie being a comedy as its humor was not really showcased in the many trailers that Sony released for it.

Next weekend might be a challenge for Venom though because negative word of mouth could still spread out.

So far though the movie has been rated well by fans as the Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes is still healthy at 89 percent as of time of writing.

Venom released in overseas markets and earned $125.2 million in 58 different countries. Its worldwide Box Office now stands at $205.2 million which means the movie should be on track to break even.

Venom's Box Office appeal proved to be too powerful for Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga to overcome. Their drama called "A Star is Born" mustered $42.6 million in its opening weekend.

A Star is Born received a Cinemascore of "A" and is getting tremendous reviews from both critics and fans alike. Strong word of mouth will carry the film until the rest of October.

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