'The Spouse House' TLC Episode 7 Recap: Tom Makes A Decision

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This episode begins with the past week's video of Jimmy proposing to Kelli Jo. She's super excited, but Tom is not, because he thinks he should have been with her. Kelli Jo says yes.

In the confessional Scott and Tracy talk about their own exploratory marriage. But there's no engagement for those two yet.

Tom and Ashley Lauren are up next.

Tom says that they're trying too hard, and there are a lot of fights and problems. He says "it shouldn't be this hard." Ashley Lauren says she's upset that she can't make Tom happy.

Darren and Isabella are getting more in step, and the whole "controlling" thing seems to have passed. Things seems to be better now, and they're considering the exploratory marriage.

On the day of Jimmy and Kelli Jo's wedding, Jimmy is feeling nervous. Kelli and Jimmy's families are here. They're all happy about the wedding, although Jimmy's parents are a bit concerned about the speed.

Kelli Jo walks down the aisle, and Tom starts to wonder if he wants to stop the wedding. He eventually decides not to. But he's still not sure about Ashley Lauren.

After the wedding, everyone enjoys the party. Kelli Jo and Jimmy smear cake on each other, and then they laugh.

Meanwhile, Ashley Lauren tries to dance with Tom, but he doesn't appear to be interested at all.

Scott and Tracy discuss marriage, and Scott says he could see himself marrying her -- but he's not as committal as she wants him to be.

Ashley Lauren catches the bouquet, after pushing the other women out of the way. She says that she is totally committed to Tom, and she wants him to embrace her.

But Tom doesn't agree...to the camera, he says he's not in love with her. After talking, Tom says it's over.

Later they talk more, and Ashley doesn't want to be in the house and try to make other connections. She wants Tom to leave the house, or be with her. Ashley cries and feels terrible.

After the wedding, Darren and Isabella agree to enter into an exploratory marriage. They are both excited to take things further.

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