Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 2 Review/Recap: Goku Goes Berserk

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It's been a few weeks but now we have finally seen episode 2 for the anime version of Dragon Ball Heroes.

Even though the episode is less than 10 minutes long, it still packs a lot of action in a short amount of time.

As you might know already, Goku, Mai and Vegeta are still on the Prison Planet set up by the villainous Fu. Fu wants the Saiyans to try and beat his new Saiyan friend by the name of Cumber (Kanba).

Cumber is really strong, although Vegeta and Goku try to find fight against him head on. Sadly though, Cumber uses some type of energy to make Goku go berserk and he starts fighting against Vegeta.

Goku is pretty much a wild man attacking his own teammates thanks to the energy that he touched. Thankfully, Trunks comes to save Mai and he fights off the evil Goku while Vegeta continues to try and fight Cumber.

Unfortunately, Goku is still pretty much strong and Trunks is unable to handle him by himself.

Well they get an unlikely ally because Cooler comes to the planet to help the good guys out. He too has some sort of beef with Fu.

Cooler is pretty much powerful because he reveals for the first time to the audience that he can achieve the same Golden Form as his brother Frieza.

The design of Golden Cooler looks really cool and he does a huge blast that manages to knock out the evil Goku.

While Goku gets his bearings back, he is back in his base form and is no longer berserk. Cooler managed to make Goku back to a good guy thanks to his awesome blast!

The fight is not over though because the entire group still has to fight Cumber. Cumber breaks out of his straitjacket and wants to fight all of the Saiyans and Cooler head on.

While Trunks and Cooler try to fight Cumber, Mai brings out some Potara earrings. She suggests that Goku and Vegeta use it to become Vegito!

The episode ends with Goku and Vegeta becoming Vegito and he powers up to Super Saiyan Blue. Sadly though, that's the conclusion of episode 2 and we will have to wait and see the big fight in episode 3 releasing in September 2018!

Even though episode 2 was short, this week's Dragon Ball Heroes episode was very entertaining thanks to it adding a lot of action. I also thought it was cool how they made Cooler into an ally instead of a villain.

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