Dragon Ball Super: Broly Soundtrack Reveals More Details About The Movie

The official soundtrack for Dragon Ball Super: Broly has been listed in Japan and the track listing reveals more juicy details about the upcoming film. If you are sensitive to spoilers, you may want to avoid reading any further.

Neowing from Japan listed the official Dragon Ball Super: Broly soundtrack on its website. Todd Blankenship (Herms98) on Twitter kindly translated the text into English. The details are in chronological order of how the actual movie will play out.

  • 1) Birth of Freiza's Army
  • 2) Ruled By Frieza
  • 3) Broly's Potential
  • 4) Paragus' Rage
  • 5) Dragon Ball Super Broly Theme
  • 6) Broly on the Frontier
  • 7) Freiza's Scheme, Premonition of Death
  • 8) Bardock Falls
  • 9) Cha-La Head-Cha-La
  • 10) Vegeta's Irritation
  • 11) The Adventure Begins
  • 12) Bulma's Wish, Another 5 Years
  • 13) Frieza's Wish, Another 5cm
  • 14) Broly the Wild Child
  • 15) An Unexpected Bounty
  • 16) Broly's Sorry State
  • 17) Memories of Bah
  • 18) Frieza and Broly
  • 19) Broly Begins to Battle
  • 20) Awakened Power
  • 21) Kakarot vs Broly
  • 22) Broly Evolves
  • 23) Prelude to a Comeback
  • 24) Broly's Rage and Sorrow
  • 25) Will They Fuse!?
  • 26) The Birth of Gogeta!
  • 27) The World in Danger
  • 28) Broly vs Gogeta - Theme Song
  • 29) Omen of Battle
  • 30) Full-Force Kamehameha
  • 31) Frieza's Ambition
  • 32) Friendship with Broly
  • 33) I'm Kakarot
  • 34) Blizzard (Movie Edit)/Daichi Miura

As you can see, this soundtrack pretty much features both minor and major spoilers. This isn't a big problem now since leaks and spoilers have been posted several weeks ago by others online.

If you want to watch Dragon Ball Super: Broly for yourself, you can catch it in North America on January 16th, 2019. The movie releases in Japan first on December 14th, 2018.

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