Black Widow Writer Talks About Taskmaster Twist (Spoiler)

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If you have seen Black Widow earlier this month, you may already know there is a big twist involving the real identity of Taskmaster. The movie's writer has explained why the change was made to the film.

Bear in mind this article will talk about a big spoiler about the Black Widow movie. If you have not seen it yet, you should click away.

In the comic books, the identity of Taskmaster is a man named Tony Masters. However, the movie version is changed as Antonia Dreykov is the new identity of Taskmaster.

As you may know, Antonia is the daughter of Dreykov and she wants revenge on Black Widow for trying to kill her when she was young.

The movie's writer, Eric Pearson, said on the Phase Zero podcast why the change was made.

"Taskmaster was going to be involved, and there was a version before I came that was Tony Masters. And it felt, I kept thinking, can this guy somehow not just be a goon? Cause Dreykov and the Red Room is the thing that’s tied into Natasha personally and her past ... Trust me, I looked very, very far for like, how do we get this Tony Masters guy to believably be an agent of the Red Room?"

It sounds like he didn't want a random character to be added in the film, so they changed it so Taskmaster has ties to Black Widow's past life.

Black Widow is out now and showing via cinemas and Disney+.

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