Movie Review: Wonder Woman 1984

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The first Wonder Woman movie from 2017 was an absolute triumph. Not only did it introduce the character nicely, but it was a damn good action movie in it's own right.

The other thing I liked about the first film was the humor between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.

With such a great first outing, my hopes were very high for Wonder Woman 1984. I was expecting the same amount of quality and wanted to be entertaining.

The start of Wonder Woman 1984 is beautiful as we see Themyscira again with a young Diana. It's by far the prettiest looking set piece in the entire movie.

After a wonderful beginning, the movie also opens with a cool scene of Wonder Woman catching bad guys in an '80s style mall.

The tone and feel of the scene reminds me of the original Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve.

Sadly though after a great opening, the first hour is a complete drag. There's no comic book style action anymore and the film feels more like a drama.

The movie spends far too much time getting to the main story.

First we are introduced to Barbara Ann Minerva (Kristen Wiig) before she becomes Cheetah and then it also spends a lot of the time with Max Lord (Pedro Pascal).

The only good part about the first hour is seeing the return of Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and his interactions with Diana.

Their chemistry isn't as humorous as it was in the first film, but they still make a cute looking on-screen couple.

The movie only gets going after the one hour mark and this is when the main story really begins.

I'm not going to spoil anything for you, but the main thing of the movie is a special artifact that grants anyone any wishes they want.

As the bad guy of the movie, Max Lord overuses his wishes and the world pretty much turns sour.

He needs to be stopped and this is where Wonder Woman has to chime in. She also has to deal with Barbara who is on her way to becoming the powerful Cheetah character from the comics.

When the action is there and the main story starts, Wonder Woman 1984 is still a fun and watchable movie.

It's just that the movie is far too long being 2.5 hours. It should have been less than two hours long as the drama moments were too overlong in my opinion.

That being said, the climactic battle at the end is also kind of disappointing.

The Wonder Woman vs Cheetah battle is pretty cool, although it sadly doesn't last very long. Wonder Woman's battle with Max Lord is kind of meh though.

Overall, Wonder Woman 1984 just isn't as concise and entertaining as the 2017 movie. Gal Gadot is still great as Wonder Woman, but the overly long story drags the entire movie down a few notches.

Verdict: 3/5 stars

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