Watch 11 Year Old Perform For Idina Menzel on 'The Ellen Show'

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Today on The Ellen Show, 11 year old music prodigy Luke Chacko had the gift of his life when superstar Idina Menzel showed up to meet him.

Luke Chacko is a young musician who is well known for his videos online, where he sings famous pop star songs.

He caught the eye of Idina Menzel, who is known for her Broadway career and for being a star of the hit show Glee.

Luke Chacko Meets Idina Menzel on Ellen

Luke Chacko first sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to explain how he got into singing, and the setbacks he's faced.

He told Ellen that he learned to sing from watching videos of his favorite singers, like Menzel and Arianna Grande online.

Chacko also explained that he has been bullied because other kids have called him "gay" and a "girl". But it changed his life when Menzel saw him and wanted him to sing for her.

Chacko's attitude toward his bullies is great: he says "I'm a man of steel. These words can come at me and the words can literally bounce right off."

Chacko told Ellen about hsi squad at school, and Ellen told him that he needed someone in his squad, at which point Idina showed up. Chacko was floored.

Luke Chacko Performs 'Let It Go' on Ellen

After he met Idina Menzel, Luke Chacko got a chance to perform on the Ellen stage. The performance got a standing ovation from the audience, and Menzel gave him backstage tickets to see Wicked in New York.

Great job kid! We expect to see a lot more of you in the future!

Here is the video of the interview:

Here is the song:

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