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Let The Independents Rise Again

In a world where movies can make someone laugh, cry, gasp for air and fear for their very lives... a giant sign in California makes sure you keep watching those exact movies over and over again. Like a great big brain washing experiment, the world of remakes is completely out of control on so many levels. If there is a great movie, written by one of the most brilliant writers of all time hit the screens in the 70's remade in the 90's then remade again in 2013, don't you think it's time to take a look at your long term plans for the silver screen? When is enough exactly enough in the world of remakes? I also beg to ask, where have all the writers gone that wrote these original masterpieces and why aren't they as pissed as myself?

David Mesguich and his 3D street art to intercept the soul of cities

David Mesguich is an artist from Bruxelles, his works of art are polygonal sculptures that remind arcade videogames from the 90s. He realizes them starting from sheets of recycled plastic, weld together piece by piece, that in consequence get placed in streets like graffiti appear on the walls, and like the most common street art he places them at night in public places, without permission or protection.