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A Night Out: Chris and his Stylez

One warm night I was walking around the East village of NYC, i stumbled up the DROM music venue. I read their nights itinerary and it read "a night with Bobby Valentino". Me being in love with music and what it once was, I was intrigued. I went in a bit anxious, and I had a seat by the bar. Other patrons sitting at the bar were waiting patiently. I ordered a drink and sat like I was getting ready to take a time machine ride back to the past.

Bridging the Gap: Hip-hop and the "Lost" Generation

We used to listen to the greats... Wu-tang, Dogg pound, Tupac, Redman, and many others. The music in my era was golden and a lot of it possessed a message. Even when it was gangsta rap they spoke of why they were doing what they were doing and spoke a lot about the consequences. Now in music there is billions of dollars worth of drug sales, a whole lot of murder with non arrests, no persecution or very minimal penalties. But aside from all that, the music is small and has seemingly no substance.

Audacity Completes North American Tour in Support of Newest Album Release

This past fall was huge for the quartet, Audacity.

The group, who has been together for over nine years and since freshman year of high school, released a few singles off their new album 'Butter Knife', which was released in late October, and they went out on the road alongside Mean Jeans for their North American tour, hitting the east and west coasts, and everywhere in between.