Matisyahu To Premiere Official Music Video For 'Broken Car' On September 5

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The Alternative, Reggae - Rapper is back.

Matisyahu made it big back in 2005 with his hit single "King Without A Crown," and ever since he has had a cult following.

He recently released a new album, "Akeda" which was at one point ranked as #36 on Billboard's Top 200 list.

The album definitely did well for the musician and so he decided he wanted to make a new music video for one of the single's off the album, "Broken Car."

Although the full video for "Broken Car" will release on September 5, Matisyahu decided he would hold his hungry fans over by uploading a short Instagram snippet of the song's music video.

From what we can tell, the video will feature a young boy walking somewhere, perhaps because his car is broken? Ok, that was a bad joke, but in all serious, "Broken Car" is the type of song that allows fans to see an artist display a deep moment of introspection.

The song is great and the video will be even better.

Here's a sneak peak of the "Broken Car" video: