Kid Cudi Puts His Complexity Into Words For Fans

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This year is shaping up to be pretty epic for Kid Cudi.

He has a pretty successful spot on the Comedy Bang Bang show and released two songs "Love" and "Confused" that were well receipted by the majority of his fans.

Now, Cudi is explaining his complex nature for his fans and followers.

"Im such an advanced creature, I need someone just as advanced to handle my energy. The bitter and the sweet. Cause I am NOT a normal dude," tweeted Kid Cudi earlier today.

"My energy is powerful and foreign to a lot of people. Some like to just say I'm a psycho which is cool. Whatever makes sense for you," he continued in a tweet following that.

The 31-year-old artist also said that he's finally seeing who he really is better than ever before.

He also speaks about learning how to learn all of yourself and not to worry because someone else will come along who loves you as well.

As an artist Cudi has really given a fans a mixture of a human being. He started out as a lonely stoner, moved into a rocker persona after kicking drugs from his life in 2011.

He then reverted back to his original sound a bit on "Indicud" and is now returning to a more grunge rock sound on the upcoming album "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven." As a Cudi fan it can sometimes be a bit of a roller coaster ride, however, Cudi simply explained his persona in the recent tweets, trying to put things into perspective for his fans and followers.

There is currently no release date for "Speedin' Bullet To Heaven" but Cudi has said that it wouldn't be too far away from the release of "Confused," so keep an eye out.

In the meantime, both "Love" and "Confused" can be streamed here.