The Plum Magnetic Prepares for Release of 'Terra Animata'

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On the rise to the music scene from New Orleans is an eclectic and funky band with world fusion influences, The Plum Magnetic.

For those who are fans of jam bands, funk and good ol' rock and roll, this is the band for you! The band plans on releasing 'their album Terra Animata' come late February.

The Plum Magnetic's musical goal is to "blend elements of music from all over the world into a synergistic whole and through this genre-melding approach, to both represent and promote and harmonious unity through diversity." With musical influences ranging from Umphrees McGee and Talking Heads, to The Grateful Dead and Bela Fleck, The Plum Magnetic is sure to gain listeners and fans from all generations.

They even have somewhat of an electronic flare to their music, with a mix of folk and funk.

"The depth of emotion, melody and structure of Indian classical music, the ecstatic pulse and rich, repetitious patterns of Africa, the manifold great American forms including jazz, blues, rock, folk, bluegrass, fusion and beyond," a recent press release describes the insanely unique and compilating sound of The Plum Magnetic.

Rising from a city with a strong musical influence, the band is currently one of the most unique and eclectic upcoming bands in NOLA. The band formed in 2011 from friendships that were build over years and years of being involved in the New Orleans music scene.

The group consists of Trent, Oliver, Andrew and Jon- Trent on the banjo, Oliver on the drums, Andrew on the guitar and Jon on the bass.

After listening to some of the work from The Plum Magnetic, I instantly wished I was outside dancing and enjoying everyone and everything around me, whether that be in the streets of a big city stuck in the middle of a drum circle or in the middle of no where, enjoying the sounds of nature incorporated with the worldly beats of The Plum Magnetic.

The music provides an easing and relaxing vibe, and gives you a sense of mixed cultures. Definitely summer festival worthy!

To stream The Plum Magnetic's new album, 'Terra Animata', out in late February, be sure to visit, and be on the lookout for more to come from this band on the rise on the NOLA music scene.