Have You Heard G-Eazy's 'Me, Myself & I' Remix By No Sleep?

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EDM DJ No Sleep has taken G-Eazy's hit "Me, Myself & I," featuring Bebe Rexha to an all new level with a fresh remix that is bound to have the track running further up the charts.

G-Eazy's album When It's Dark Out is continuing the brazen and bold approach to rap he started with These Things Happen. The hit single "Me, Myself & I" has become a big radio hit and is now the latest track on No Sleep's hit list of remixes.

The new EDM approach that No Sleep uses for "Me, Myself & I" still contains much of the hip-hop flare that the versatile song has.

The song is pretty powerful on it's own so a new EDM remix really lightens it up a bit. The song is transformed into a borderline pop hit that is party ready.

No Sleep has been producing stellar remixes as well as a bunch of original tracks. As for what his favorite track of 2015 was, well, he believes that Alessia Cara's "Here" was the best track of 2015.

No Sleep like many other DJs are able to completely transform some of today's hottest tracks into bright party hits and the newest "Me, Myself & I" remix is just one of the many examples out there.

For more No Sleep remixes and original tracks you can visit his Soundcloud page.

Listen to No Sleep's Remix of G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha's "Me, Myself & I" below.