Who is iLoveMakonnen? 'Tuesday' Rises In Popularity After Drake Remix

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Rapper iLoveMakonnen is quite the eccentric artists but then again how many aren't? Well after his song "Tuesday," skyrocketed in popularity coming off Drakes remixed version, everyone wants to know, who is iLoveMakonnen?

"iLoveMakonnen is an Atlanta-based musician who pulls inspiration from various genres such as hip-hop & bedroom-pop," says Last.FM. He is a rapper, singer, producer, creator, painter and Halloween father.

Now no one is quite sure what the Halloween father part is all about but it would explain the doll head that he carries around with him.

Life wasn't always flashy and interesting for the artist and according to a PigeonAndPlanes.com interview, life was a lot harder in Makonnen's younger years.

"In June 2007, when Makonnen was 18 years old, an unfortunate accident occurred in which one of his younger friends was killed, and the rising star was wrongly implicated in the alleged murder," said Pigeon and Planes."Facing up to 25 years in prison, he spent over two years on house arrest before the case was eventually dropped."

These humbling experiences at a young age is what makes iLoveMakonnen the eccentric individual he is.

The article stated that the artist is very free-spirited and right now there may not be a song that is more free spirited and celebratory about life than "Tuesday."

As of yesterday "Tuesday," sat at number one on Billboards Emerging Artists Chart above a strong social media giant in Bobby Shmurda's "Hot Nigga." Today it sits at number two with Shmurda regaining his top position, but a feature from Drake has never led any artist to a downward spiral, so the overall success of "Tuesday" shouldn't be overshadowed by the competition.

Check out iLoveMakonnen's reaction to Drake remixing his song below.