High Pitch Erik Says No to Marfan Mike In the Howard Stern Wack Pack

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It looks like there is another Wack Pack beef brewing in the world of The Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show. High Pitch Erik his expressed his feelings about Marfan Mike being in the Wack Pack and they aren't good.

"Howard said High Pitch Erik doesn't want Marfan Mike in the Wack Pack. Howard said Erik hates Mike," according to a MarksFriggin rundown.

"He said that's even more reason to have him in the Wack Pack.

Howard said He mentioned they were going to have a vote with the Wack Pack but he's really the only one who votes.

Howard played a clip of Shuli interviewing High Pitch Erik about Marfan Mike and Erik saying no way she should be in."

Erik is looking for an apology from Mike according to his conversation with Shuli Egar. Stern clarified what was going on by telling his audience that Mike picked on Erik when they were in high school, so, naturally Erik isn't a big fan of Mike.

Stern doesn't seem to care too much about the beef between Erik and Mike but Erik said he would compete against Mike in a competition as long as there was no punishment involved.