K. Major's 'A Lot Of Cash' Featuring Young Thug : No. 1 On Billboard Emerging Artist Chart

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Kevin Gates may be performing and releasing an energy drink but Young Thug has joined rising star K. Major for "A Lot Of Cash," which is currently no. 1 on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart.

The song is self explanatory as Major and Thug rap about wanting the same thing "A Lot Of Cash." With the cash also comes the cars and the women and that is exactly what accompanies the chorus that is simply Major repeating the phrase "I Just Want A Lot Of Cash."

The beat of the song is intense and tailor-made for a party, club or strip club. The subject matter is standard for much of the street anthems you hear on the radio.

With Thug gracing the track with a verse, the song is likely to skyrocket into popularity and may already have a head start as it is now no. 1 on the Billboards Emerging Artists Chart as of September 17.

From his Instagram page you can tell that Major has already gotten a head start in living the lavish lifestyle so it wouldn't be too surprising if he pops up in a club near you.

Listen to "A Lot Of Cash"