Tidal and Sonos Join Forces for 'Sound Tracks' Series

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Global music and entertainment platform, TIDAL, along with leading home sound system, Sonos, today launched "Sound Tracks," an original interview series filmed in the Sonos Store in New York.

Hosted by veteran music journalist, Joe Levy, the series will feature in-depth interviews with famed producers, engineers, A&R execs, managers and more discussing the moment of discovery, when they first heard an artist that would go on to become a superstar or when they first discovered the perfect sound that would go on to define a style of music.

The series launches alongside the availability of TIDAL direct control with Sonos.

Music fans can now enjoy exclusive music and expertly curated playlists from TIDAL on the Sonos home sound system directly through the TIDAL app.

For a limited time, Sonos customers will be able to take advantage of a special 3-month trial of TIDAL HiFi through the partnership.

The first episode of Sound Tracks featuring music industry executive, Dante Ross, is now live on TIDAL.com/Sonos. A force in the music industry for over 25 years, Ross' influence on music can be seen from De La Soul and Queen Latifah, to the 8 Mile Soundtrack.

Throughout the episode, viewers will learn about experiences that led to key moments of discovery throughout Ross' career. New episodes will be live on TIDAL.com/Sonos every 2 weeks.

For those enjoying TIDAL on Sonos at home, update and use the TIDAL app to play music in a particular room or group of rooms and easily adjust the volume wherever it's playing. Features include:

  1. Keep the music going. Send music from headphones to any Sonos speaker with a simple tap right when you walk in the door.
  2. Share your Sonos. Friends who don't have the Sonos app can play their favorite music to any Sonos speaker using the TIDAL app.
  3. Easily switch controls. Control music from any phone or tablet with either the TIDAL or Sonos app. Start listening with one and pick up on another.
  4. Play Music Your Way. The Sonos app allows quick search through all supported services to get to the music quickly, and it's a great way to organize favorites. But for those that love the TIDAL app, use it to stream music straight to Sonos.