Kid Cudi Promises A Concert Run With 'Speedin Bullet To Heaven' Album Release

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Earlier this week Kid Cudi announced the released date for his highly anticipated album Speedin' Bullet To Heaven, today he also confirmed via social media that there will be a concert run following the album's release.

The fan support began pouring out after the announcement of the Speedin' Bullet To Heaven album release date and Cudi took some time to acknowledge and thank his fans for their continuous support. One fan told Cudi that his fans need a concert and asked if there would be any accompanying Speedin' Bullet To Heaven.

Cudi with a "Yes!! Promise!" If there is one thing fans have learned from Cudi it's that he has always kept his promises particularly with the release of the singles and technical information about the album.

"And as far as the industry goes, I see who supports me and who doesn't," said Cudi on Twitter. "To my supporters in this shit show, Thank You for riding w me."

Cudi released that tweet after retweeting a few fans who continued to show their undying support for the new project. Fans exclaimed that Christmas was coming early because of Cudi while others thanked him for his musical contributions.

The artist revealed that everything for the Speedin' Bullet To Heaven album was recorded with 2-inch tape "for a richer and warmer sound quality," as Cudi put it.

Kid Cudi's Speedin' Bullet To Heaven is scheduled to be released on December 4.