Kid Cudi 'Speedin Bullet to Heaven' Release Date Announcement Still Eludes Fans

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On October 19, Kid Cudi thanked his fans for their patience and revealed that fans would have the announcement of the release date for Speedin' Bullet to Heaven that week.

Today marks exactly one week since his tweet however, the release date has yet to be announced.

Update: Speedin' Bullet To Heaven will be released on December 4

So far, Cudi has honored all of his announcements in terms of teasing Speedin' Bullet to Heaven as well as releasing the singles associated with it.

So there is a good chance that he wants to be concrete on the release date that he presents to fans before delivering it.

In previous tweets, Cudi said that he wanted to avoid push-backs and delays, which is why he was taking extra caution with the information he relayed to fans.

Cudi did release a tweet on Sunday expressing love to his fans followed by a couple of Emojis, so he is active on social media. It will be interesting to see if Cudi continues to honor the dates that he has set for himself, that being said he has honored each benchmark for Speedin' Bullet to Heaven thus far making him incredibly reliable when it comes to the information he pushes concerning the project.

Cudi has provided reliability over the past couple of years and fans have been able to appreciate that.

Fans also seem to remember that a release date was promised by Cudi and with his Sunday tweet came a bunch of replies from fans who believed the release date would be coming.

If the release date for Speedin' Bullet to Heaven does come today, Empty Lighthouse will have it at the beginning of this post, so stay tuned.