Throwing Muses Releases New Music For First Time In A Decade

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For the first time in 10 years, Throwing Muses, the pioneers of 90's underground rock, are releasing new music.

The new album from the band is titled 'Purgatory/Paradise', and was released early last week as an art book with a CD.

The art book included with 'Purgatory/Paradise' was designed by the drummer of Throwing Muses, Dave Narcizo. The book is a collage of lyrics, photographs and writing from the singer and guitarist of the band, Kristin Hersh.

The CD's include 32 tracks as well as downloadable content with commentary, instrumentals and the album's art in different formats.

The band began as kids in school to the first band from the United States signed by 4AD. The band went on a hiatus around 2003, but found their way back together to perform at art shows and headline Primavera.

These 10 years without performing much or recording new music, led to 10 years of writing new music and lyrics.

The album 'Purgatory/Paradise' comes together in ideas from everyone in the band over the past decade. It is another evolution for the band their music, but still embraces everything Throwing Muses used to be.

To purchase your own copy of 'Purgatory/Paradise', visit Throwing Muses at