New Music: 'Spectacular Spectacular' 'Orange Juice'

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If you're looking for a sound that sets itself apart from the rest of your iTunes playlist, then taking a few minutes to hear Spectacular Spectacular might be worth your time.

(Audio Below)

The all-female trio from California formed three years ago in 2012, and will be releasing their debut album, Blur, this June. It started with the band's guitarist/keyboardist/backing vocalist Isley Reust's YouTube page she kicked off in 2011.

As she told Alternative Press magazine, Reust wanted to be able to document and openly share her life as a transgender woman.

In no time, Reust joined up with Millie Chan (bass) and Jessica De Grasse (lead vocals/guitar/keyboards) to form Spectacular Spectacular.

The title of the bands only released song (so far), "Orange Juice," might make one think, "Is this really a song about a juice?" And yes, while the title is interesting and may raise an eyebrow or two, the song itself presents a dark, haunting melody along with intriguing lyrics like "Show me the monster inside of you." The song also invokes a fairy tale-like feel that would have been fitting for Tim Burton's 2010 live version of Alice in Wonderland.

Spectacular Spectacular show promise with "Orange Juice" as the song acts as a prequel to what's to come on Blur.

The band already has a number of tour dates set up for the months of June and July when they will be venturing along the west coast.

Listen to the band's single "Orange Juice" below: