Josh Matthews Delivers New Sound With Urban-Folk Tracks

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Urban-folk: certainly a new mix of genres, but nonetheless, perfected by newcomer Josh Matthews.

The artist has been compared to the talented Atmosphere and Jackson Brown - and mixes two completely different genres to create an eclectic and unique assortment of tracks.

His music seems to stem from "a lineage of street poets like Richie Havens and Sixto Rodriguez", with a mix in of his phenomenal gift of guitar skills.

Matthews got his start in music by teaching himself to play the guitar back in 2007, and has truly been a musical success story. Since then, he has moved from New York City, to Tennessee, to Philadelphia. In these years and between these moves, Matthews experienced a lack of companionship, and at times, shelter, which ended up influencing soul searching and music creation.

In 2008, Mathews had the opportunity to perform the main stage of Burning Man Festival out west, and returned back to Tennessee to perform at some of Nashville's most popular music venues, where he established a fan base and following of his unique music.

Soon thereafter, Matthews spent some time recording his album 'A-Sides' within the walls of his own apartment in Philadelphia, and then back to Nashville to complete the album with Boutique Recordings.

Matthews will be releasing his new album 'Co-Patriot' on April 19th. The album is a mix of different genres, as stated before, with a unique sound that the industry really has yet to hear.

The brave and explorative artist takes you on a journey through the hustling hard times of becoming a young musician.

The mix of folk and hip-hop, two genres that can greatly portray true feelings, brings out these emotions and puts them perfectly into song.

Matthews has recently stated, "I will only pursue an idea as a possible song if it doesn't sound like something I've ever heard." With his recent release of 'A-Sides', listeners and fans of Matthews explore into the mind of a "thoughtful, inquisitive, hopeful and brutally honest mind of a young man who takes his time on this earth very seriously".

Think a mix of mid-western, hip-hop and folk, and you get the unique and creative craft of Matthews' work and music.

To listen to tracks from the talented "urban-folk" singer and songwriter, visit Josh Matthews on SoundCloud, at, and be prepared for him to move quickly onto the scene this year.