Introducing Little Hurricane

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Little Earthquake is the brainchild of siblings Mathew and Justin Hyland, keen students of indie pop, embracing rock, electronic and acoustic instruments to bring their quirky electro-pop melodies to life.

Based on the Central Coast of Australia, the brothers grew up in bands together at school before heading to the states where they toured as guest members of US indie rockers Lydia, crossing the country and getting a taste for the road.

It was winding their way across American highways that the brothers began writing together for a new project, creating tracks which would go on to become the basis for Little Earthquake.

Returning to Australia in 2013, Little Earthquake was born, named after a Facebook status that Justin stumbled across.

After reading the comments of people who agreed they had all felt it, he wanted their music to affect people in the same way.

The brothers teamed up with producer Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels, Pnau) who took their songs to a new level, creating the basis of their forthcoming EP. One of the standout tracks from the sessions was "Planets" which would go on to become the band's first single.

"Planets" is available for FREE download from, and the EP Universal Mind is due for release in April 2014