Snoopzilla and Dam-Funk Collaborate and Release '7 Days of Funk'

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Snoopzilla (Snoop Dogg) and Dam-Funk have joined forces over their mutual love of funk to release '7 Days of Funk', their self-titled debut album.

The two also recently released a music video for "Hit Da Pavement", their second single released together as a duo.

The video is fun and party themed, following the further adventures of Dam-Funk and Snoop after the house party that was featured in their first music video "Faden Away".

In "Hit Da Pavement", we ride along with the two rappers as they drive through the streets of Los Angeles in Snoopzilla's baby blue Lincoln Continental.

The release has gained much respect from many big-time music critics and publications including NPR, Pitchfork and Stereogum.

"It's late night party music that sounds equally calibrated for winding down or getting worked up and Dam's typical propensity to let rhythms and riffs soak for a bit before taking off into solo turf keeps it moving," Pitchfork described the duo's work in a recent press release promoting the album.

"Snoopzilla is a natural at doing retro with the kind of conviction required to bring chunky boogie into the present," NPR stated.

"Both he and Dam-Funk are funk lifers who understand that supremely chilled out, anxiety free grooves are an excellent conduit for boasts and love songs alike."

The self-titled debut album released by the duo is available now via Stones Throw Recrods, and to find out more information about the release, performances and news from 7 Days of Funk, be sure to visit their website at! Be on the lookout for more releases from this dynamic collaborated duo come 2014!