The Ocean of White: Sensation Recap

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Last weekend, Sensation and a sea of electronic music fans dressed in white took Brooklyn's Barclays Center by storm.

Thousands of attendees gathered together to celebrate Sensation's 100th incredible event. If you missed out on the largest dance party on the East Coast, look no further - we have your recap here!

Sensation, which originated in the Netherlands back in the year 2000, is an indoor electronic dance music event that has crossed seas and touched down in over 30 different cities around the world, uniting together thousands of people as one. In the early years, Sensation had only one edition. Since then, the event has split into two different editions: Sensation White and Sensation Black.

Sensation White events feature house electronic music, whereas Sensation Black events feature more hard-style and hardcore electronic music.

The color of the event signifies what color the members of the audience must wear - and if you don't show up in that designated color, you won't be allowed into the party.

October 2012 marked the first year Sensation took their talents to the United States, scheduling two event dates last autumn in New York City. Due to the incredible success of the debut events, Sensation: The Ocean of White made their second round through the US this fall with three added destinations: Oakland, Las Vegas, Miami - before ending the tour in New York City.

In this year's shows, the arenas were transformed into "water worlds full of mysteries of the unexplored".

With running water through raised canals, numerous fountains continuously bursting and water bouncing against arena roofs, the event was viewed as an "ocean spectacle" exploding to the beat of the DJs' music.

New York City's line-up was stacked with talented artists including Fedde le Grand, Mr.

White, Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano. Both returning and first-time Sensation fans left Barclays in a hype at wee hours of the morning, blown away and mesmerized by their evening.

"It was visually one of the best things I've ever experienced", an attendee explained of his first-time at Sensation. "And Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano killed it."

"I came to Sensation last year, and was literally speechless. This year blew last year out of the water, no pun intended", a returning fan stated after leaving the event.

Already sold and wanting to plan your trip for next year's Sensation event? Before you do, be sure to check out this video to help take in the Sensation experience.

This video was captured and created by a group of die-hard EDM fans, and follows them on their escapade through the concrete jungle to partake in Sensation.

The after movie is seen through just a few pairs of eyes, among hundreds of thousands in The Ocean of White.

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